MTG 1x Gemstone Array Fifth Dawn Card Magic The Gathering Fresh Pack NM Pauper


Most of FAQ are answered below.
If you do not find the answer you are looking for, I will gladly give you the information needed.
FEDEX (NOVELTY! COULD MAKE YOU SAVE ON SHIPPING EXPENSES) Parcels for Canada, USA and international, weighing 500g and more is less expensive than services with Post Canada.
If you want to have the real shipping cost for your destination, please contact me.
There are areas on land that are outside the Fedex service areas.
Hence, there could be a 30$ additionnal fee to pay.
If it’s the case with your purchase, I will send you an email before hand asking you if you still want the pursue the purchase or if you want a cancellation with a refund.
However, Fedex offers signature with a tracking number, which Canada Post doesn’t always offer it.
For those who don’t see the postal charges with FEDEX in the list of shipping rates, please write to me privately so I can tell you the exact price of your area.
Certain areas are individually uptaded daily, which allows me to immediately offer you the exact postal charges.
Please take note that if the postal charges paid by immediate payment are lower than the actual price of sending, I will send you an e-mail asking for the missing postal charges to pay.
Any postal charges paid exceeding 5$ either with Canada post or Fedex after sending, will be immediately refunded after the pickup of the items.
Shipping takes between 2 to 9 days (with a signature and a tracking number).
COMBINED SHIPPING (for CANADA, INTERNATIONAL & USA) Options: #1 To use combined shipping click on “Buy it now” individually without putting them in your "Cart".
Click on each item you desire, then contact me before paying when your list is complete with the desired item(s).
I will calculate the best rate for you (this will give you a shipping discount).
I will then send you a new invoice with the lower shipping price of the Combined shipping and then you can pay.
*On a worldwide range, small handling fees can sometimes apply.
#2 If it's an auction listing.
bid on each desired item.
At the end of the auction, please wait for the new invoice before paying.
The new invoice will include the combined shippping calculated on weight, dimensions and destination.
*Don’t wait until the last seconds of the auction to bid, this increases the risks of loosing the auction.
#3 If it’s a “Buy it now” item, you offer me the best raisonnable price (ex: 0,01$ less on each item to maximize your chances of approval on my part).
After approval, I will calculate the combined shipping and send you the new invoice with the new total to pay.
*Prices are based on market research and prices of sold items within the last 3 months.
Only raisonnable and respectfull offers will be accepted.
(No profits are made on combined & Handling shipping) Exemples of costs Post Canada shipping to USA: 1 to 250g are 8,86$ (tracking number excluded) 251 to 500g are 11,95$ (tracking number excluded) 501 to 1000g are 17,68$ (tracking number excluded) 1000g items and more are over 26$ (tracking number included as well as faster shipping) *All prices include packaging.
Please contact me if you want to know the price including a tracking number.
Post Canada shipping internationally: Prices are similar, but changes depending on the weight you've chosen when you win a lot.
Tracking numbers are also excluded unless you desire to pay for one.
Contact me if you are interested and I will give you the adjusted price wether the transportation is by air (1,5 to 4 weeks) or land (6 to 9,5 weeks).
Shipping, payments, feedback and more.
Count maximum 2 to 3 open days for shipping after payment is received.
Pictures of items are taken so you can see exactly their condition and have no surprises when you receive them.
Payments accepted: Paypal only.
If you are happy with my services and your tiem(s), don’t hesitate to give me a 5 stars review with a good comment if you feel like it.
It will be very well appreciated! I would do the same for you! If a problem occurs with your order, please contact me privately first.
My goal is to have satisfied buyers, so we will find a solution together and resolve the issue.
Unfortunatly, some shipping issues are out of my control (ex: some states or countries take longer for shipping).
No refunds for fraudulous people.
Items are sold as shown.

MTG     1x     Gemstone     Array     Fifth     Dawn     Card     Magic     The     Gathering     Fresh     Pack     NM     Pauper     

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